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Over the Counter Prescriptions Notice To Patients

Due to Government Health Service cutbacks in our Prescribing Budgets we will no longer be able to provide prescriptions for over the counter drugs unless there is a clear clinical diagnosis.

This will affect:

Moisturising creams, gels, ointments and balms for dry skin with no diagnosis

Hay fever remedies eg. antihistamines, nasal sprays (patients over 18 years)

Bath oils and shower gel (unless recommended by a specialist for infected atopic eczema)

Vitamins and supplements eg. low dose vitamin D (less than 2,000 units), I-Caps, multivitamins

Anti-inflammatory gels eg ibuprofen gel

Rehydration sachets

Anti-diarrhoeal medication for short term diarrhoea (less than 72 hours)

Lubricating eye drops and chloramphenicol eye drops and eye ointment (patients over 2yrs)

Paracetamol and ibuprofen for short term use

Laxatives for short term use (less than 72 hours)

Nasal douches eg Sterimar

Antifungal preparations eg Canesten

Head lice treatments

Threadworm tablets

Haemorrhoidal preparations eg Anusol


Cough and cold remedies

Medicated shampoos eg Alphosyl, Capasal

Mouthwash eg Corsodyl

Indigestion remedies eg Gaviscon, Peptac

Further items may appear as identified


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